Working at CNCB

It is beautiful here, better than in my flat. Eleftheria Vrontou, Postdoctoral Fellow
I love cities. In Oxford everything you need is within walking distance. Emmanuel Perisse, Postdoctoral Fellow

The CNCB occupies a specially—and beautifully—renovated building in the heart of historic Oxford. The space was designed for purpose by the architectural firm Hawkins\Brown. The flowing open-plan lab balances the needs of privacy with the ability to interact with colleagues. More domestic areas of the centre are designed for reading, writing, conversation, eating, and relaxation.

The layout of the lab facilitates collaboration. Scientists from different disciplines work side by side. Core facilities make a wide range of technical expertise and support available.

Because resources are shared and physical boundaries are lacking, individuals can easily affiliate their projects with more than one research group.

The university offers any amount of intellectual stimulation. The city is full of cultural and entertainment venues. Everything that is needed for day-to-day living is available within walking distance or is a short bicycle ride away. There is no need to commute.

If you think that Oxford is a stuffy, medieval, Masterpiece Theatre kind of town, think again. Or take a look at the book Isolarion by James Attlee.

If that’s not enough, London is an hour away. There are 24-hour, frequent transportation links.

And for those who love the outdoors, Oxfordshire is one of the most beautiful counties in England. You can walk, or bicycle, from your doorstep to the open countryside.